Courtney Nicholson-Paine

Photos by my mum and Diana Pinney.


About me:

For as long as I can remember,I have carried a camera with me everywhere I go.

I was born in California and grew up in Colorado.

I have been fortunate to get to travel and see much of this beautiful planet that we all share.

I love getting to connect with people and hearing about how others see the world.

Donkeys and pigeons are my favorite animals. Ask me, I’ll explain why :)

I’ll never turn down an opportunity to sit on a roof, drink a margarita, or laugh with my friends. Any chance to do all three at once is not to be missed.

I like to take pictures because everything changes so quickly.


How this works:

I run my photography business a little differently than some other photographers. Many photographers charge you a "session fee" and then show you the photos they took and ask you to purchase individual files or prints of each photo. There is a lot of back and forth with that system and the prices can escalate quickly, so I make it more simple. 

I have a session fee for a shoot and then I edit the photos. I will give you a digital copy of the edited and mastered, high resolution photos. At that point the photographs belong to you and you can print, or post all of the photos you would like. Period.

Albums, high quality photobooks, and various photo gifts can also be arranged for an additional fee.


In most cases, you can expect a preview of photos within a week of our shoot, and a fully mastered copy of the final photos within 2-3 weeks.

Do you have more questions? Reach out to me; let's chat!

You can reach me at


With every package purchased, I gratefully donate a portion of my proceeds to the National Parks Service.

The National Park service preserves the natural and cultural resources of over 400 national parks with over 84 million acres across America. 

This land is some of the world’s most treasured landscapes, ecosystems, and historical sites and is home to plants and animals that need this space so much. We all need this space so much.

The NPS is devoted to protecting these wild places and keeping them safe for future generations of people and animals to appreciate and continue to find awe in.

Your support of my little business is so appreciated and helps to keep America wild. 

Thank you.

*Wilderness Gems*